EXELON: Energy & Power

Exelon Corporation

(1) Company History/Structure — Past companies who merged together to form Exelon, past and current Subsidiaries, NRG takeover

also — structure of company as one who owns the lines through which energy is transported, and thus controls the purchase and transport of energy while not necessarily being accountable for energy production

furthermore — exelon owes its success to coal burning plants, and still operates a number of coal burning plants and other fossil fuel oriented energy plants

(2) Board of Directors — ties to other corporations

(3) influence within obama administration, washington offices, lobbiest institutions

(a) DoE: Nuclear Power 2010

(b) Cap and Trade/HR 2454/Waxman-Markey

(c) NuStart Energy Consortium and COL

(4) front end uranium/power production, environmental impact, indigenous genocide (strip mining & dine)

(a) cotter corp/canon city

(b) areva/niger

(c) tenex/kazakhstan

(5) dangers of nuclear energy production: Three Mile Island

(6) brief outline of the nuclear fuel cycle, the companies involved, the industrial investment in nuclear energy, and the problem of nuclear waste: web of profit and environmental destruction

(7) environmental justice & resistance organizations



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