Boeing Corporation, Headquartered in Chicago, is the United States’ second largest military contactor. Boeing researches, designs, and produces a wide variety of “products” for military and civilian uses: aircraft (military & commercial), logistical/maintenence/training support for said aircraft, intelligence/surveillance systems (giant biomentric towers on US-Mexico border), space exploration (shuttles & space stations), missile defense systems, nuclear & ballistic missiles, command-control-communications “C3″systems, “Phantom Works” (spaceships that kill, sattelites, etc), refueling tankers, and financial services to help fund & sell Boeing products. Boeing received the most amount of federal contract dollars in 2008, second most in 2007 only to Lockheed Martin.

Boeing works closely with, ie: gets huge contracts from, NASA, the NSA, DoD, Homeland Security, Israeli Government, Saudi Arabian Government, Austrailian Government, among others.

Boeing’s subsidiaries include: AeroInfo Systems, Alteon Training, Boeing Aerostructures Austrialia, Boeing Defense Austrialia, Continental Data Graphics Corporation, Jeppesen (contracted to run Extraordinary Rendition flights), Preston Group, SBS International.

Total Revenue 2007: $66.4 billion

Total Revenue 2008: $60.9 billion

Gross Profit 2007: $13.0 billion

Gross Profit 2008: $10.6 billion

Net Income 2007: $4.1 billion

Net Income 2008: $2.7 billion

 The corporation is also one of the biggest political contributors in Washington, giving more than $9 million to Democratic and Republican members of Congress in the last decade. (




100 N Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL 60606

CEO W. James McNerney Jr.

Phone 312-544-2000

military contracts (as reported on from 10-30-2006 to present: $30.67 billion

Boeing develops and produces weapons and aircraft capabilities, intelligence and surveillance systems, and communication infrastructures.
Boeing is the second largest US defense contractor. Boeing also coordinates Future Combat Systems (FCS), an ambitious 125-billion-dollar project aimed at making US soldiers more effective on the battlefield by integrating new weapons and communications systems. Almost all US defense contractors are participating in the FCS program. At the end of June, 2005, Boeing had military orders of $85.7 billion.
Awarded an $80 million government contract to do surveillance on the Arizona border, to create a network of 1,800 high-tech towers, equipped with cameras and motion detectors that could feed live information to Border Patrol agents. Towers are equipped with retinal and facial biometric sensors.
They donate millions to Old School Folk Music School, theaters, jazz series in Millennium Park, thus putting a good public relations face on an otherwise frightening corporation.
Utilizes the cheap (if not free) labor of US prisoners (Angela Davis, Corpwatch). Boeing has been taken to court for discrimination in pay against both female (28,000) and African-American (15,000) employees. Boeing settled a class action lawsuit in 1990 for 700 employees who were unwittingly exposed to electromagnetic pulse radiation and monitored for health affects.
Former CEO Harry Stonecipher was ousted on March 6, 2006, after it was revealed that he had a relationship with a female vice-president at Boeing . The “Palm Springs fling,” as it became known at the company, followed a three-year stretch of widely publicized corporate misbehavior highlighted by the jailing of Boeing ‘s former CFO, for holding illegal job negotiations with Darlene Druyun, a senior Pentagon official; the indictment of a Boeing manager for allegedly stealing 25,000 pages of proprietary documents from his former employer Lockheed Martin, and a judicial finding that Boeing had abused attorney-client privilege to help cover up internal studies showing that female employees were paid less than men. Boeing paid a fine of $5 million in 1989 following a plea of guilty for illegally obtaining classified Pentagon planning documents.

Watchdogs and related campaigns:
Project on Government Oversight (federal contracts)
Federation of American Scientists
Center for Defense Information
Reaching Critical Will


Company Snapshot:

Boeing describes itself as “the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. Boeing designs and manufactures rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. As a major service provider to NASA, Boeing operates the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Boeing has customers in more than 90 countries around the world and is one of the largest U.S. exporters in terms of sales.”

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Boeing employs more than 150,000 people across the United States and in 70 countries, with major operations in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, southern California and St. Louis. Total company revenues for 2007 were $66.4 bn.

Boeing is one of the largest U.S. federal defense contractors. Its has traditionally also been willing to make huge gambles on developing new generations of planes–seen most recently in the 777 series that will become available in the mid-1990s.

Ownership status:

Publicly traded

Number of employees worldwide:


Chief executive officer:

W. James McNerney, Jr.

2008 Global Fortune 500 rank:







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top federal contracts by year by company

FY 2008 Rank Parent Company Name Dollars % of total
1 BOEING CO. $2,982,754,835 5.79%
2 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP $2,412,315,828 4.68%
3 NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP. $1,624,193,376 3.15%
5 BECHTEL GROUP, INC. $1,413,566,304 2.74%
7 MCKESSON CORPORATION $956,409,241 1.86%
8 ABU DHABI NATIONAL OIL CO $918,256,500 1.78%
9 RAYTHEON CO. $828,912,538 1.61%
10 GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP. $796,485,877 1.55%
11 MACANDREWS & FORBES HOLDINGS INC. $771,962,307 1.50%
12 URS CORP. $764,044,510 1.48%

FY 2007 Rank Parent Company Name Dollars % of total
1 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP $33,069,645,681 7.69%
2 BOEING CO. $24,125,934,746 5.61%
3 NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP. $19,262,160,914 4.48%
4 GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP. $14,151,559,422 3.29%
5 RAYTHEON CO. $11,662,797,975 2.71%
6 BAE SYSTEMS $8,338,652,180 1.94%
7 L-3 COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS $6,561,270,299 1.53%
8 UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. $5,703,412,871 1.33%
10 KBR INC. $4,784,938,931 1.11%
11 MCKESSON CORPORATION $4,707,702,546 1.09%
12 COMPUTER SCIENCES CORP. $4,170,081,213 0.97%
13 URS CORP. $3,887,076,854 0.90%
14 MACANDREWS & FORBES HOLDINGS INC. $3,360,791,639 0.78%
15 GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY $3,176,850,382 0.74%
16 ITT CORPORATION $3,116,488,139 0.72%
17 TEXTRON, INC. $2,921,616,267 0.68%
18 HONEYWELL, INC. $2,493,705,523 0.58%
19 BECHTEL GROUP, INC. $2,490,718,776 0.58%

location of project site for federal contract money (mapping)

State Total Obligated
Missouri $7,976,372,648
California $6,871,041,875
Texas $2,625,268,660
Alabama $2,163,436,323
Washington $1,944,668,885
Arizona $1,529,561,015
Pennsylvania $1,439,829,154
Kansas $534,037,320
Ohio $351,807,669
Florida $224,385,571
Maryland $120,685,229
New Mexico $79,112,422
Oklahoma $51,965,012
Kentucky $43,000,699
Nevada $20,921,666
North Carolina $19,575,818
Virginia $15,142,446
Hawaii $10,935,184
Colorado $9,605,552
District of Columbia $1,562,667
South Carolina $673,337
Tennessee $306,518
Indiana $250,147
Mississippi $195,907
Utah $146,072
Illinois $85,911
Delaware $53,525
Wyoming $39,870
New Jersey $29,375
Georgia $6,444
Minnesota $5,886
Oregon $2,117
Massachusetts $-2,460 **
Other (not in 50 states plus DC) $35,252,036
Total $26,069,960,500

Place or Category Total Obligated
Foreign Countries-
  Iraq $25,932,876
  Germany $5,195,184
  Saudi Arabia $2,300,000
  United Kingdom $1,297,837
  Malaysia $87,675
  Kuwait $73,056
Bad data / unknown $365,408
Total $35,252,036


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