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Tactics & Targets: Boeing and University of California


As detailed elsewhere on this web site the Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) bomb was developed and designed by the US Air Force with the support of the Boeing Corporation and the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory of the University of California. Boeing Corporation was awarded the production contract and has already delivered thousands of DIME bombs to the Air Force, the Navy, and Israel (at least). The DIME bomb fulfills the US government’s desire to add a weapon with three characteristics—high killing and permanent disability efficiency, small size and low cost. Because air warfare has a long noteworthy history as a form of terror directed at civilian populations and civilian social infrastructure (for example: at Guernica, London, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Hanoi, Belgrade, Baghdad and elsewhere), the DIME bomb—with small blast diameter—provides particular propaganda value for the US government to be able to claim that—with this weapon—non-combatant civilian lives will be spared in precise bombing attacks. In fact, the DIME bomb has been used—particularly by Israel, but also by the US—to magnify the suffering of civilian populations under attack. In the specific case of Israel’s attack on Gaza the massive destruction intentionally magnified the level of civilian suffering caused by an 18 month siege and embargo of this tiny occupied (by Israel) territory. Gaza is home to 1.4 million indigenous Palestinian non-citizens, almost half children. The Israeli Prime Minister—Ehud Olmert—had described the siege of Gaza as intended to “put them (the Palestinian population) on a diet. We won’t starve them (to death),” he declaimed, but they’ll learn what it means to resist our power. The Phosphorous, Flechette and DIME bomb attacks on defenseless children and families left many survivors totally disabled for life.


As Americans, we can ask ourselves some questions. First, “Who is responsible for the DIME bomb?” Second, “Who is responsible for the deaths and dismemberments of the children on our flyer?” Third, “How can such things be prevented?” There are, of course, many other important questions, but these three will serve the purpose of orienting the reader to this project’s tasks and tactics.

The 3 agencies—Boeing, the Air Force and the University of California— who collaborated in the DIME bomb’s perfection are responsible for the weapon. They should be exposed. Boeing and the US government are responsible for the weapon’s creation, manufacture and distribution, and ultimately its use. The specious claim (the lie to Congress) by the Defense Department that the DIME bomb’s distribution to Israel was “necessary for Israel’s self defense” should be broadly exposed.

Most people know the Boeing corporation for its commercial aircraft—such as the B-707,727,737, 747, 757, 767, and 777—and for its earlier military aircraft such as the B-29, B-47, and B-52. Today, Boeing and Airbus are the two titans of commercial aircraft production. In the early days of aircraft manufacture in the US, however, a household name in airplane production was Douglas. The DC in DC-3, DC-6, DC-7, and DC-8 stood for Douglas Corporation. Eventually Douglas lost favor in contracts and merged with McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, to become McDonnell Douglas Corporation with an increasing focus on military aircraft. When McDonnell Douglas was no longer able to compete successfully with Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and others McDonnell Douglas requested offers and then merged with Boeing. With the demise of Aeroflot, Boeing faced only Airbus in the world commercial arena. In the military arena Boeing is the second largest world Defense Contractor (2007 and 2008) behind only Lockheed Martin ($38.5 billion vs. $32 billion). But since a significant proportion of Boeing’s business is non-military, Boeing may be more vulnerable (than Lockheed Martin) to boycotts and other protest action.

Boeing’s success includes its lobbying influence in Congress. During the years before, during and after the Vietnam War, Scoop Jackson, a Democrat, represented the State of Washington in the US Senate. Boeing’s headquarters and its production facilities were in Seattle. Senator Jackson had legendary ties to Boeing. In fact, Washington called him “the Senator from Boeing,” because of how ably he assured their success with government military contracts. Boeing became a central military industrial corporation. Scoop Jackson is dead, but Boeing remains central to the military industrial complex that General and President Dwight D Eisenhower warned of in his farewell address. They have vast political influence in Washington, perhaps on the same scale as the Israel lobby. Not surprisingly, Boeing operated—through its subsidiary Jeppeson Data Plan and a small airline company it owns—the CIA’s rendition program that kidnapped people all over the world for torture. None of those tortured captives were tried for any crime and sending them to be tortured in other countries involves Boeing and the US government in conspiracies to violate innumerable US and international laws besides the human rights of those seized and terrorized.

In the last decade, Boeing received a major government contract to build and place high tech electronic towers along the US border in Arizona and other South Western states as part of the campaign to round up and arrest or deport people entering the US from Mexico. The multi-million dollar towers have sensors that can detect movement and body heat and then focus high power cameras which project images to border agents and other military personnel sitting at desks in Tuscon and other cities. Homeland Security attempted to place one of these towers on the edge of a small Arizona desert town to spy on the citizens, believed to be involved in Marijuana trafficking. The citizens of Arivaca were not happy despite assurances from a joint team from Boeing and Homeland Security that they were not the targets. In 2008 the US government terminated the contract electing to focus on more border patrol agents.

Israel, using a similar type of surveillance technology, places cameras atop the walls and fences within the occupied Palestinian territories. The walls disrupt normal Palestinian life in the West Bank. If a Palestinian villager tries to approach a fence blocking him from farming his fields (for example at Ni’ilin), a camera immediately detects his presence, focuses on him and sends the image to an Israeli occupation military outpost nearby. Within just 1-3 minutes a military convoy will appear and challenge the farmer, demanding why he has approached or touched the fence or wall. And so he is usually prevented from tending his fields.

Boeing—as stated on its web site—has a close relationship with the Israeli military as well as the US military. We do not know, presently, whether the surveillance technology used in Israel originated with Boeing (or is Israeli or European technology). However, as noted elsewhere Boeing is also Israel’s partner in deploying the Arrow missile system as well as the DIME bombs. More research needs to be done on Boeing’s role in US politics, its relationship to the military and to Israel.

Actions and Targets


We urge all who oppose the DIME bomb to search for occasions when Boeing representatives will be attending conferences or representing the Boeing Corporation and use these opportunities to let conference attendees, the media, and anyone who hosts Boeing know that they are dealing with a company involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Urge people to repudiate the DIME and to speak out against its further production. In particular, we urge folks who live near Boeing facilities (headquartered in Chicago, and we believe the DIME bomb is manufactured in St. Louis) to make contact with Boeing workers and to inform the workers of the impact of this Boeing product; also, to try to form collaborative working relationships with Boeing workers everywhere to expose and resist the continued production and distribution of the DIME bomb, including researching how it travels from factory to user.

Lawrence Livermore Labs of the University of California

The same should be said and done concerning the involvement of the University of California. This “public” University has been up to its eyeballs in nuclear weapons development, proliferation and use from the 1940s on. The claims that these weapons are necessary to the national defense—and that the University is just being a good citizen doing its share—are absurd. The University of California is, in fact, run by the State of California through a Board of Trustees that represents, by and large, the economic greed and militarism that is expressed as US policy against the rest of the world, with University managers garnering the large salaries and bonuses we hear about today. The Sandia and Livermore Labs exist to protect and expand US dominance and to protect and expand the reputation of the University as friendly to military research, to militarism and to war. Supporting these relationships is a requirement of University leadership. The current Chancellor at Berkeley, Robert Birgeneau, for example, has not hidden his own concern to protect Israel. In 2008, in response to off campus graffiti equating Israel with Nazism, Birgeneau advanced a propaganda message consistent with Israel’s mantra as the self-proclaimed representative of all Jewish people, that Israel is a victimized nation. Birgeneau, using the authority of his position as Chancellor, asserted in a strong letter to the University community that the graffiti is intolerable and anti-Semitic; when, in fact, labeling Israel an aggressive militarist state, does not imply anti-Semitism, which is the broad hatred of all Jews as a group, unrelated to the State of Israel. In fact Birgenau’s inability to tolerate such criticism is tantamount to advocating censorship, the most inimical of ideas in an educational institution.

The campaign against the University of California’s involvement with the DIME bomb, nuclear weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction could focus on the appropriate and inappropriate roles of centers of learning and higher education in a democratic society. We call upon those who have any relationship to this important educational institution to help expose who runs Cal, their positions in society and why they defend US militarism and Israeli aggression at all costs, and at the expense of academic independence. In this respect the DIME bomb campaign is a natural partner with the campaigns against the sale, in recent years, of facilities, rights, and prerogatives of the University to multinational corporations such as Novartis and British Petroleum. The DIME bomb flyer and other posters and materials about the effect of Lawrence Livermore’s work on the people of Gaza ought to be available to Lawrence Livermore Lab employees and, as with Boeing, efforts could be made to associate with Livermore employees who oppose militarism. Likewise, the Lab’s role in the DIME bomb can be brought to public appearances of Trustees and other leaders of the University throughout California. Linking this campaign to grassroots University democratization strategies by University students and faculty and to communitywide divestment (from Israel) strategies is the work of those more directly involved with the University and the Labs. We look forward to the opportunity to post information or links about these or any similar efforts on this web site

Research Notes on the DIME Bomb

Web research on the devastating DIME bomb (also known as SDB, “small diameter bomb”) that was apparently used on Gaza causing many amputations, dismemberments and mangled bodies of dead and wounded civilians—particularly children.

Some of useful facts that need to get into national coverage are these: 1 2 3

  1. The DIME bomb (GBU-39) is manufactured under DOD contract by Boeing Corporation, St. Louis.
  2. The SDB—or the DIME bomb—is a joint project of the AirForce and the Navy. Original research was done at the Elgin Airforce base’s Airforce Research Lab in Florida and later expanded to a collaboration with Boeing under DOD contract.
  3. Another important collaborator in the perfection of the design is the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories of the University of California, which “employed a physics-based code in the design and testing of.(these) munitions based on DIME technology.” Livermore uses simulations to perfect the technical (destruction) specifications.
  4. The killing power of the DIME is the result of innert fine tungsten particles embedded throughout the explosive fill of the bomb. The particles blast out at tremendous speed expending immense short distance high kinetic energy. Thus the power to rent humans to pieces.
  5. The DIME was a spin off from the Bunker Buster design (penetrator bomb) techology research. the Airforce chief loved the concept so much that he rushed it into the pipe line rapidly after 2003 perhaps because of the combination of the propaganda value of a bomb that would be said to reduce “collateral civilan damage” and the tremendous cost efficiency (very high kill/cost ratio with small size, light wt).
  6. On September 9, 08 the DSCA notifed Congress that Israel had applied to receive 1000 GBU-39 bombs, related equipment and training for $77 million. DSCA described the sale as “vital to the US national interest and to assist Israel to develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense capability.” Congress voted approval.
  7. President Obama’s national security advisory General James L Jones, Marine Corp Rt. was then a member of the Boeing Board of Directors.
  8. The original production contract with Boeing was for 12,000 of the GBU1-39 bombs and 12,000 of the GBU2-39 bombs for 4.27 billion taxpayer dollars, but long term contracts appear to call for the production (?and use) of up to 150,000 bombs to outfit all bomber squadrons in the US Airforce.
  9. The difference between the GBU 1 and 2 variants is in the type of global positioning systems they use. Both have laser guidance flexibility but the 1 variant is set to a fixed target while the 2 variant can actually track an identifiable target’s movement and can even delay in its attack after launch.
  10. These bombs can be launched from up to 60 miles away and from almost any kind of aircraft including drones—thus putting them in the running for the most diabolical of killing machines at a distance.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the Pentagon—DSCA—told Congress last September—while the cease fire was still holding— that the weapon was necessary to Israel’s defense. The central irony is that the US defense establishment is touting these bombs as designed to protect civilians during air attacks because of their smaller blast radius. In fact, they were used in most cases to terrorize and kill the civilan population of Gaza. The DIME is not only one of the most lethal unconventional bombs designed to date, but it is being put into service as one of the main weapons for US Airforce bombers of all types because they are so cost efficient, light weight, small and have high kill capability.

Comment: given the purported accuracy and low blast diameter of these weapons there can be little doubt that the Israelis used them to target civilians. We need only consider the high death and injury count among civilians and young children. We have also heard witness reports of Israeli snipers shooting small children as young as 8 running from the war zones. Even if the use of the DIME weapons is not declared a war crime per se , how they were used surely was among the worst of State terrorist war crimes and the US is implicated. Also the amount of rubble seen in photos suggests the possibility that Israel used US bunker busters on apartment houses and other civilan buildings—not just against tunnels to Egypt.

Further details from web research

On January 9, 09: (Reuters) US hiring merchant ship to move bombs from Greece to Israel. Requested initiation date: December 31, 08 to arrive no later than January 25. by the Navy’s Military Sea Lift Command (MSC).

Also, MSC chartered a larger ship in December, 08 for 42 days to move 989 standard 20 foot containers and 5-8 million pounds of explosives from Sunny Point, North Carolina to Israel’s largest port, Ashdod.

In September, 08 Congress approved the sale of 1,000 “Bunker-buster missiles” to Israel. The GBU provides “increased kills per sortie” and is equiped with INS/GPS guidance suitable for fixed and stationary targets.

“The GBU-39 II variant adds terminal seeker with automatic target recognition capabilities now suitable for mobile and relocatable targets.” More recent updated version is the GBU-39B.

The GBU-39 is 5.9′ long and 285 pounds, which increases the number of weapons carried and kills that any aircraft can achieve. The “smart miniature munitions carriage system accomdates 4 bombs per carrier enabling an aircraft to quadruple its load of bombs. Under the Air Force Chief of staff’s priority assignment the GBU 39 became the fastest major aquisition program in the history of Elgin Air Force Base’s Research Lab. the SDB (i.e. GBU-39) is a joint project of the Air Force and Navy.

Bombs were delivered in September, 2006 for the F-15E the F/A 22, the F35, the UCAV, the F-16, the F117, the A10, MPA, B-1, B-2, and B-52 aircraft. The large B-2 bomber can carry up to 216 Dime bombs per mission.

Production is planned for up to 150,000 bombs over 10 years (24,000 in phase 1, of which half are the I variant and half the II variant). the total cost for the first production contract for 24,000 bombs was 4.27 billion dollars.

Boeing was selected in 2003 to complete the system development and demonstration phase and then produce the SDB. the Air Force Research lab partnered also with Lwarence Livermore to employ a physics based code in the design and testing of low collateral damage (LCD) munitiosn based on DIME technology.

The bomb casing is of low density wrapped carbon-fiber/epoxy matrix with an integrated steel nose and base. Explosive fill containing fine tungsten particles provides ballasted payload with sufficient penetration mass. “Tungsten displaces energetic material so as to reduce the total energetic used. The net results are higher dynamic energy impulses all within a small lethal footprint…airblast with entrained high-velocity inert metal particles are teh damage mechanism for carbon composite cased munitions with DIME fill.“

December 9, 2006: Boeing awarded 80 million dollar contract for 1,600 SBD I weapons, 200 carriages.

Boeing (www.boeing.comexternal site)

SDB was first employed in combat from F-15E Strike Eagles of the 494the Expeditionary Fighter Squadron in Iraq on October 5, 2006.

September 9, 08: the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of a possible foreign military sale to Israel of 1000 GBU-39 bombs and ancillary equipment for $77 million. The request stated: “It is vital to the US national interests to assist Israel to develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense capability. This proposed sale is consisten with those objectives.” Principle contractor will be Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Boeing Corp, St. Louis, MO.

President Obama’s national security advisor, General James L. Jones, Marine Corp (ret) was a member of the Boeing board of directors at that time. He resigned on December 14, 2008.

June 2, 2008: Israel purchased 50 F-16’s from Lockheed-Martin of Ft. Worth, TX for about 2 billion dollars securing 2,000 Lockheed-Martin jobs.

The Independent, London

Jan 25, 09-Sunday-by Raymond Whitacker and Donald MacIntyre. A UN convention which Israel has signed “prohibits the use of any wepon the primary effect of which is to injure by fragments which in the human body escape x-ray detection.”

UK Human Rights agency quoted Dr. Subhi skeik of Shifa Hospital, Gaza, “We have many cases of amputations and vascular reconstructions where patients would be expected to recover in the normal way. But to our surprise many of them died an hour or two after operations. It is dramatic.”

Dr. Shaban of Shifa Hospial burn unite is reported as stating they were seeing “bloodless amputations of limbs….”

Flechette darts have been used in Gaza in the past and have been found only in 2 Northern Gaza locations so far this time.

Khalel Abe Rabbo telss of his 3 young daughters shot by tank fire and killed as they obeyed orders to flee their home. They were carrying white flags.

Inter Press Service News Agency (IPS)

Jan 22, 09-Gaza City. by Erin Cunningham. In the case of 18 year old Mona Al-Ashkar, the first explosion at the UN School in Beit Lahiya blew off her left leg—completely severed. Doctors found no shrapnel it was “sliced right off,” These cases are different from the past because patients “don’t know what happened to them.” The DIME bomb usually takes off lower limbs. Tungsten is considered extremely carcinogenic, causing an agressive type of cancer with a short latency period. Al Shifa hospital ahs seen 100-150 of this type of injury.

Dr. Mads Gilbert (at Al Shifa) who had seen DIME bomb injuries in Lebanon, confirmed that the injuries are consistent with DIME bombs. Israel first used them in Lebanon in 2006.

Besides the extremity amputations, DIME bombs also rupture internal organs without signs of entry points because these are not shrapnel injuries. Doctors do not know what kind of damage they are looking at and so don’t know how to treat the patients.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Ron, another Al Shifa surgeon: “someone’s entire abdomen will be ripped apart, and only after searching will we find a miniscule hole in the skin. then we will find small black dots all over the organs…and multiple organ failure.”

Dr. Skaik said we are seeing “continued damage even after the parts were removed….they have intentionally created a population of (pemanently) handicapped people.”

Dr. karim Hosni, an Egyptian doctor volunteering at the Al-Nasar hospital in Khan Younis says, “sometimes I wish my patients would just die. Their injuries are so horrifying that i know they will now hav to lead terrible and painful lives.”


  1. site (Boeing also produces “Arrow” a joint American Israeli co-production of a ground based, ballistic missile system designed to protect Israel against short and medium range missiles.
  2. site
  3. see more photos at site
    and [BROKEN LINK]

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