superfund sites: nuclear & chemical contamination

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Boeing co-managed a nuclear testing facility, the Santa Susana Field Lab, about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, where a partial meltdown occurred in 1959.


The meltdown released the third largest amount of radioactive iodine in nuclear history but the incident was largely kept under wraps until Boeing recently settled a class-action suit filed by local residents who suffered from cancer and thyroid abnormalities. The site was shut down in 1989 and still has yet to be cleaned up to EPA standards.

Boeing managed that site with Rocketdyne, Inc, a subsidiary sold to Whittney & Pratt in 2005.

from the epa/rocketdynewatch (amazing watch dog with TONS of data online)


The SSFL is a 2800-acre facility located in Ventura

County approximately two miles south of the City of

Simi Valley and 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

The SSFL is divided into four areas which are under

different ownership and operation. Boeing owns and

operates Areas I, III and IV. Primary operations

include the development and testing of liquid fuel

rocket motors. The rocket motor operations have been

active since the late 1940s and have resulted in chemical

contamination. Similar operations were conducted

in Area II which is owned by NASA. Boeing also operates

the 90-acre Energy Technology Engineering

Center (ETEC) in Area IV as a contractor to the Department

of Energy (DOE).

Between 1949 and 1988, Boeing operated 10 nuclear

reactors and related facilities that resulted in chemical

and radiological contamination at ETEC. All nuclear

reactors and fuel elements were removed from SSFL.

The on-going cleanup of the chemical contamination

is currently managed by the State of California Department

of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). The ongoing

cleanup of the remaining radiological contamination

is managed by DOE.

In the past, EPA has evaluated different areas of SSFL.

This is the first time that EPA will be investigating the

entire “footprint” of the SSFL. Chemical and radiological

contaminants will be evaluated. EPA is updating

the information we have collected for these four

areas and will then determine whether additional data

is required to complete the assessment. The purpose

of this assessment is to determine whether the SSFL

(all four areas as a whole) has a preliminary HRS

score sufficient for possible listing on the National Priorities

List (NPL).


great wesbsite with lots of links, articles, resources on ssfl:





Field Lab Secret RevealedNapalm, Dioxin Burned In Open pit At Former Rocketdyne FacilityBY KERRY CAVANAUGH, Staff Writer
LA Daily News
21 August, 2006



After decades of secrecy, Boeing officials have revealed that the former owners of the Santa Susana Field Lab destroyed napalm, dioxin and other highly toxic materials in open-air burn pits, documents obtained Monday show.

The 184 pages of documents that Boeing delivered last week to the Department of Toxic Substances Control include logs detailing how Rocketdyne detonated and destroyed hundreds of thousands of pounds of toxic liquids and gases at the so-called Area 1 burn pit.

The list includes 50 gallons of napalm burned in 1969, three gallons of dioxin burned in 1971, and the destruction of flammable waste in 1990 that resulted in a 10-foot-high fireball.


Radioactive Plume Found at RocketdyneBoeing Officials Say the Tainted Groundwater Isn’t A Health Risk
By staff and wire reports
September 11, 2004


A radioactive plume has been detected in two new test wells at the Boeing Co. Rocketdyne Santa Susana Field Lab, a former nuclear research facility near Simi Valley, officials said.

High levels of radioactive tritium were detected in the test wells drilled by the U.S. Department of Energy after tritium was discovered earlier this year in groundwater at the northern edge of the research site in the Simi Hills.

The agency now plans to drill more wells to determine the source of the plume, its size and the speed and direction of its movement.

Boeing officials said the plume is still close to the source and hasn’t moved off-site. They also said the tainted groundwater isn’t used for drinking and doesn’t pose a health risk to the public or neighbors.

The DOE is ending its 15-year-long cleanup of the former nuclear laboratory. The agency has been investigating a handful of sites where tritium might have been released, based on 40-year-old records detailing how radioactive materials were handled.

A groundwater sample taken in March from a test well drilled next to the site of an experimental reactor found tritium at 80,000 picocuries per liter, or four times the federal drinking-water standard.

Tritium has not yet been detected in a cluster of monitoring wells located downhill from the site, but residents wonder whether the reports have been accurate.

“The question is what got off the site and what else was released from the site?” said Dan Hirsch, president of Committee to Bridge the Gap, a nuclear-watchdog group that has been monitoring the cleanup effort.

Federal officials said they plan to conduct more groundwater testing later this year.

Tritium, a byproduct of a nuclear reaction, has been found at the lab before, but never at such high levels.

In 1991, it was detected at 5,400 picocuries per liter on nearby property owned by the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, which runs a Jewish camp and educational facility.

Other chemicals were found in soil samples two years later taken from the camp along the property line with Rocketdyne.

The federal government funded nuclear research at the lab run by Rocketdyne, now a division of Boeing, from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Meanwhile this week, the State Water Resources Control Board took testimony in Sacramento from Committee to Bridge the Gap and Boeing officials regarding a water pollution permit issued to the Field Lab in July.

Last month, both sides appealed the permit issued by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, the committee saying it was too lax and Boeing saying it was too stringent.

The state board is expected to rule within the next few weeks.


not sure whether all of these sites are attributed to boeing, more research needed

NPL Site Narrative for Lower Duwamish Waterway
Seattle, Washington
Federal Register Notice: September 13, 2001

NPL Site Narrative for Moses Lake Wellfield Contamination
Moses Lake, Washington
Federal Register Notice: October 14, 1992

EPA ID: WAD980511745
OU 00

Western Processing Site, Kent, WA
(processed boeing waste at the site, not directly* linked)

EPA ID: ORD987185030
OU 02


EPA ID: MA2570024487
OU 08

FUSRAP St. Louis Sites
St. Louis, Missouri

DOWNEY, CA 90241

in addition to irresponsibly producing an incredible amount of toxic waste that degrades the earth and makes it unlivable, undoubtedly because “properly” disposing of said waste would lower profit margins, boeing is also in the industry of doing assessments for potential epa sites, as well as being contracted for cleanup efforts. getting paid to clean up other companies shit when they cant even keep their own shit under wraps…deplorable!


Boeing, Dow Chemical fined 926 million over nuclear pollution

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — A Denver, Colorado court has fined Dow Chemical Co. and Boeing Co. a combined 926 million dollars for property damages caused by plutonium contamination from a nuclear weapons plant.

The court set the fines in a judgement handed down late Monday after a jury found Dow and Rockwell International Corp, which Boeing bought parts of in 1996, responsible for damages claimed by thousands of property owners near the Rocky Flats (Colorado) Nuclear Weapons Plant in a trial that concluded in February 2006.

In the class action suit launched 18 years ago, some 12,000 plaintiffs accused Dow and Rockwell of allowing plutonium from the Rocky Flats plant to contaminate their property, especially residential areas downwind from it, endangering the residents’ health and slashing their property values.

The court Tuesday fined Dow 653.3 million dollars and Boeing 508.1 million in compensatory damages, but then set a cap of 725.9 million dollars for both for compensating the plaintiffs, according to the ruling.

It also fined Dow 110.8 million dollars and Boeing 89.4 million in exemplary damages.

Boeing “is successor-in-interest to Rockwell International Corporation and has represented to the court that it is answerable for any judgement rendered against Rockwell International Corporation in this matter,” Judge John Kane wrote in his judgement.

The lawyers for the property owners who sued the two companies cheered the judgement.

“Our clients are very pleased to have this judgement entered, this has been a long and very difficult process. They’re very pleased to have their claims recognized and are looking forward to the conclusion of this very long and difficult process,” Steven Kelly, attorney for plaintiffs, told AFP.

Dow said it would appeal the judgement and both Boeing and Dow said that ultimately the US Department of Energy was liable for the damages, having idenmified them when it contracted their work at the Colorado plant.

“As contractors at Rocky Flats, Dow and Rockwell are indemnified by the US Department of Energy,” Dow spokesman Jarod Davis said in a statement.

“Consistent with our position in the past, we intend to appeal, and we are confident this judgment will be reversed.”

“We are not going to be responsible parties here,” Boeing spokesman Dan Beck told AFP.

“There will be no impact on earnings and balance sheet because of the indemnification.”

Located about 25 kilometers (15 miles) northwest of Denver, the Rocky Flats plant was operated by Dow from 1953 to 1975, and then by defense contractor Rockwell until its closing in 1994; it supplied the plutonium triggers for the US nuclear bomb arsenal.

Fires, equipment leaks and loose storage controls during that period were the sources of significant releases of plutonium and other radioactive substances.

In 1989 the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Environmental Protection Agency raided the plant over alleged environmental crimes, ultimately leading to its shutdown.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Rocketdyne/Boeing contamination of the Santa Susana Mountain Range and surrounding communities since 1946: Nuclear radioactive and nonradioactive toxic hazardous wastes have been discovered onsite/offsite of these field lab facilities to date. HOT LINKS:
FRONTLINE: Nuclear Reaction: Karen Silkwood
Silkwood v.Kerr-McGee Corp., 464 U.S. 238 (1984) Nasa Explores Using Crime Fighting Satellites
Friendly Fallout (CBS NEWS Special Assignment)MEMORIAL DAY | D-DAY 2000 | FLAG DAY | D-DAY II INDEPENDENCE DAY . Protect your rights by learning about the contamination and radiation poisoning that has killed more than one quarter of Rocketdyne Workers from cancer as a direct result of inhaling and ingesting radioactive particulates onsite at the open field lab as according to the UCLA Rocketdyne Worker Study published in 1997. Learn by reading these investigative pieces, that although Rocketdyne/ Boeing spokespersons state that there has been no nuclear work since 1988, that TWO NUCLEAR PHYSICISTS, Otto Heiney and Larry Pugh, were Killed, and an engineering technician was permanetly disabled during the illegal burning of spent radioactive fuel in July, 1994. Become aware of the fact that the FBI investigated and prosecuted Rocketdyne et al in 1996 and that Rocketdyne officals Pleaded Guilty to Criminal Charges of Illegal Handling, Storage, and Disposal of Nuclear Hazardous and nonradioactive, carcinogenic, hazardous, toxic wastes such as those listed above, including Hydrazine.


Read about the five decades of radioactive and nonradioactive hazardous, toxic contamination of the Santa Susana Mountain Range and it’s surrounding lands: Susana Knolls, Chatsworth, Simi Hills, San Fernando Valley, Box and Bell Canyon, Corriganville, Sage and Parker Ranches among others. PLUTONIUM, PERCHLORATE, STRONTIUM-90, CESIUM-137, RADIOACTIVE TRITIUM, TRICHLOROETHYLENE, HEXAVALENT CHROMIUM, BERYLLIUM, MERCURY, BENZENE, AND MORE toxic materials were used onsite at the Rocketdyne/Boeing Santa Susana Field Lab, and have been discovered offsite as far west in Simi as Casarin Street at the present time. Read HOT SHEETS articles known as

 Lung, liver, brain, bladder, thyroid, and kidney cancers as well as fetal impairment, coma, death, lymphoma, and leukemia, among other diseases linked to the Santa Susana Field Labs’ decades of radiation poisoning discovered in the soil, water, and air offsite of the facilities are a matter of public record by reveiw of the UCLA Rocketdyne Worker Health Study: Taxpayer Dollars are involved in the funding of this study the Results of which were Withheld from Taxpayers and Residents of the surrounding communities by the California Department of Health Services.Become aware of the shocking fact that ALL Hispanics and ALL Persons with Hispanic Surnames were excluded from health studies conducted by the California Department of Health Services regarding high incidences of cancers discovered in persons residing near the Santa Susana Field Lab during 1990 and 1992. Know that it is unlawful, for recipients of funding from the US Department of Health and Human Services, (State Agencies, Universites, and Individual health care providers) to discriminate against an individual or a group based upon their race, color, creed, tribal affiliation, religion, disabilities, sex, familial status, age, marital status, socio-economic background or status, or political affiliation, as the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT TITLE VI of 1964 clearly states that such discrimination by recipients of tax funds is a federal crime. Non-compliance of the Civil Rights Act by such recipents is a violation of the United States Constitution.

Become aware of the fact that persons injured by the cumulative effects of radiation poisoning have been denied justice because their cases regarding personal injury caused by Rocketdyne/Boeing illegal activies have been dismissed by the United States District Court, Region IX, as the court ruled in favor of these toxic polluters’ statute of limitations defenses, 27 March, 2000, and recently dismissed the class action suit, O’CONNOR VS. BOEING et al, 10 July, 2000, which may have impacted more than 300 (three hundred) personal injury and wrongful death claims filed by residents of the Santa Susana Field Lab’s surrounding communities and by persons living at sites adjacent to the OPEN FIELD LAB.

Contaminated water discovered at Outfall # 02 which is a concern to the
Agency for Toxic Substance Disease Registry due to the potential for deep fracture flow, (ATSDR Preliminary Draft Report, 03 December, 1999), and was used to extinguish the recent blaze of more than 800 acres of Bell Canyon, Parker and Sage Ranches, and Simi Hills, (11 June, 2000), came from the Silver Nale Holding Pond at the Rocketdyne/Boeing site. 



federal contracts DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY fy2007

List of Individual Transactions for FY 2007

You can click on the column headers below to re-sort the search.

Amount Parent Company Name Major Agency Product or Service Date
$3,872,575 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Operation of government-owned facilities 2007-01-08
$2,079,168 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Operation of government-owned facilities 2006-10-19
$118,200 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Aircraft components and accessories 2007-04-30
$100,000 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Professional, admin, and management support services 2007-09-13
$80,000 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Professional, admin, and management support services 2007-07-24
$28,819 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Professional, admin, and management support services 2007-06-12
$6,490 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Maintenance and repair shop equipment 2006-10-16
$0 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Professional, admin, and management support services 2006-12-31
$0 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Professional, admin, and management support services 2007-06-29
$0 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Professional, admin, and management support services 2007-05-31
$0 BOEING CO. Dept. of Energy Operation of government-owned facilities


Total funding (within this search) for the year: $6,285,252

all contracts no-bid


what are these contracts for? the top two are listed as “M300: Operation of Government-Owned Facilities — Restoration of real property” but do not give a site for where this will happen other than a vague somewhere in california…


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