m4 military grade assault rifles

blogojovich and daley attempted to ban assault rifles in chicago. now they support the police brandishing these same weapons against the city’s youth and people of color. considerable resistance to the increasing militarization of the cpd has sprung up with the recent upgrade of cpd weaponry.


April 27, 2008 Sunday 11:07 AM EST
Chicago mayor arms cops with M4 rifle

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said he backs a measure proposed by his new police superintendent to arm police with semiautomatic assault rifles.

Daley said Saturday it was “not a difficult decision” to put the weapons of the Chicago police on par with those of area criminals, The Chicago Sun-Times said.

“We are finding out that the weapons of criminals are getting bigger and bigger,” Daley said. “Many times, (police) are outgunned, to be very frank.”

Chicago Special Weapons and Tactics teams already carry M4 semiautomatic assault rifles, but Daley said general officers can’t hold up against criminals who carry AK-47s and other high-powered weapons, The Chicago Tribune said.

Police Superintendent Jody Weis said the proposal is part of a wider crime-fighting strategy aimed at boosting the strength of the 13,000 rank-and-file Chicago police officers.

There were 24 Chicago public school children killed by gun-violence since the beginning of the 2008 school year and a gunmen armed with an AK-47 injured 27 people during a battle with police last weekend.



The Associated Press State & Local Wire
May 18, 2008 Sunday 12:42 AM GMT
Rev. Jesse Jackson opposes plan to arm police officers with combat rifles


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Renewing a call to ban assault weapons, the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is objecting to the Chicago Police Department’s plan to arm officers with combat rifles.

Jackson says giving officers M4 carbines will intensify violence and create more tension between citizens and law enforcement officers.

Superintendent Jody Weis (WEES) recently announced that approximately 13,000 officers be equipped and trained to use M4 carbines. It’s a short assault rifle used by Chicago police SWAT team members and the U.S. Marine Corps.

Chicago police spokeswoman Monique Bond says banning assault weapons is common sense gun legislation that the department supports. But she says the department must ensure its officers stay safe.



TalkLeft the Politics of Crime
June 14, 2008 Saturday 8:35 PM EST
Complaints Against Chicago Police Are No Surprise


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Jun. 14, 2008 (TalkLeft: the Politics of Crime delivered by Newstex) — Whether allegations of police misconduct during a raid — including claims that several women were stripped searched in front of male officers and that officers “stole cash from a safe and coin-operated video games” — are true, they beg the question: Why did the raid occur?

Police confirm they began the raid with a flash grenade, and that it happened at 11:30 p.m. May 30, 2008 …. That night, just over 20 people were attending a party inside the La Familia Motorcycle Social Club, 2500 W. Fullerton, and the department says the officers, wearing body armor and wielding assault weapons, were responding to a tip that illegal drugs were being used or sold there. Does the war on drugs necessitate that level of force at a private party? All because of a tip? What’s the point? [more …] Take a look at the video in the linked article. Imagine how terrified you would be if you were there and saw police barging in after an explosion, wearing body armor and wielding assault rifles. When the Chicago police declare “war” on drugs, they mean it. Do we want this senseless war to continue? Yes, the “social club” is a gang. Yes, the police allege that they found drugs and weapons, although if that’s true it’s surprising that they only arrested two people: one for reckless conduct, and one on an outstanding warrant. The facts are in dispute, and the dispute can be settled by a jury. None of that changes the fundamental question: Is the war on drugs so important that the tactics of warfare are justified? Police misconduct claims in Chicago are common; hundreds are filed every month. The Independent Police Review Authority, created to replace the ineffective Office of Professional Standards, hasn’t necessarily improved the policing of the police. [W]hile the agency’s director Ilana Rosenzweig promised a finding within six months of an allegation, several high-profile cases, including the police shooting deaths of Aaron Harrison last summer and Freddie Wilson last fall, still have not been resolved. … An IPRA spokesman said the agency still has not hired enough investigators to handle its large caseload. If Chicago police used better judgment about the need to conduct armed assaults, they would likely improve their troubled relationship with the community they serve. Newstex ID: TALK-0001-25990320


June 12, 2008 Thursday 2:34 PM EST
Alleged Police Miscondut in Logan Square Raid

BYLINE: Margaret Lyons

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Jun. 12, 2008 (Chicagoist delivered by Newstex) — A group of partygoers is suing the Chicago Police Department for $10 million for what they say was misconduct and an illegal search of a La Familia Motorcycle Club in Logan Square. The suit claims police officers used stun grenades, held people at gun point for three hours, stole $3,000, and performed inappropriate and humiliating strip searches on female guests. Surveillance video shows SWAT officers pointing assault rifles at people in their knees and using plastic handcuffs to restrain people. The video does not show women being strip searched “” or officers breaking open amusement devices and a safe. [The plaintiffs’ lawyer] said he believes that activity was not on the video because officers pointed surveillance cameras toward the ceiling. According to NBC 5, “though the time stamp on the tape said it was September 2007, police confirmed the actual date was May 30.” Police spokeswoman Monique Bond says the police executed a legal search warrant, and even though no official complaint has been filed with the Independent Police Review Authority, the department is still investigating the charges. [Trib, CBS, S-T, NBC 5]

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