nrg energy takeover (failed)

Exelon walks away from $7.4 billion bid for NRG




exelon is currently in the process of trying to take over texas based NRG energy. NRG considers the takeover “hostile” and is holding out…

a list of nrg’s resource projects, locations and type of fuel used in production of energy:

NRG Subsidiaries



from wikipedia:

NRG Energy, Inc. (NRG), headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, is a wholesale power generation company founded in 1989, which has an ownership interest in 47 power generating facilities around the world. The diverse portfolio of facilities, are primarily in the Northeast, South Central and Western regions of the United States but, they have locations in Europe, Australia and Latin America. The company’s operations include baseload, intermediate, peaking, and cogeneration facilities, thermal energy production and energy resource recovery facilities. NRG also has ownership interests in generating facilities in Australia and Germany.

David Crane, who holds an undergraduate degree from Princeton University and a Harvard Law School graduate, is the CEO.[citation needed]

In late 2005, NRG Energy bought Texas-based Texas Genco from a group of private equity firms for a price of roughly $5.9 billion.[citation needed]

On June 19, 2006 NRG Energy filed a Letter Of Intent with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build two 1358-MWe ABWRs at the South Texas Project site. [1] This was the first nuclear plant license application filed in the United States in 29 years.[citation needed]


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