College of Engineering, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Links to Private Military Corporations

Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering: DARPA funding, RAYTHEON partnership! Hiss, boo!

RAYTHEON Corporate Profile: Corpwatch

DARPA’s Website : Grant/funding agency of the DoD to get professors/researchers at public universities to gear their research toward military applications; also a powerful recruitment tool for the military and private corporations to snatch up graduate researchers

UIC Students for Social Justice Flyer: No Research for War at UIC (Raytheon specific)


Minority Engineering Recruitment and Retention Program (MERRP); OR: How to get people of color to work for Military Industry Corporations, effectively hiring them to kill other people of color around the world, but under the guise of science, from:

Goals/Objectives: The stated mission of the Minority Engineering Recruitment and Retention Program
(MERRP) is to promote academic excellence among African American, Latino, and Native American
engineering students at UIC. The philosophical foundation of this program emphasizes student sufficiency, community building and an environment of success.

Strategies: MERRP has developed a comprehensive program designed to increase the enrollment and
graduation of historically underrepresented ethnic minority students. MERRP’s approach is multifaceted and emphasizes service and an environment of success that includes academic advising, problem solving, group study, academic assistance, scholarship support, career development, mentor programs, a summer transition program, and pre-college high school instruction. MERRP has a staff of four full-time, 2 part-time and 31 student workers. The four full-time staff devote approximately 25%
of their time to recruitment efforts. MERRP recruits academically talented students from the Chicago area through coordinated high school visits and annual College of Engineering events. The most important recruitment initiatives are the MERRP precollege programs and a transition programs described in the section on Pre-College and Transition Programs. In addition, an essential piece of the MERRP program is financial support. The President’s Award Program, and other state and campus funds allocated to this program, have allowed the program staff to leverage critical external scholarship funds from major corporations such as BP-Amoco, ComEd, FermiLab, Fluor Foundation, Honeywell, MIDCON, Motorola, Nicor Gas, Northrop and Raytheon. This support is an important recruitment tool as well as a major retention tool.


College of Engineering Advisory Board

The College of Engineering Advisory Board members list reads a little like the cast of the Apocalypse.
From the website:

Advisory Board – AB

The College of Engineering Advisory Board was established in May 1980 with the objective of having an active involvement of key government, industry, and academia representatives in the development of the college’s strategy. This board meets twice a year. The Advisory Board:

• Provides external feedback on areas of curriculum improvement to better prepare our students
• Develops long-term strategy plans
• Solicits funding to upgrade and support our research and instructional laboratories, supports on-going research, scholarships and chaired professorships
• Supports career placement
• Participates in Industry Days

Board members and industry represented:

Ilesanmi Adesida
Dean, College of Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Prakash C. Agarwal
iKoa Corporation

Prith Banerjee
Senior Vice President of Research and Director
HP Labs Worldwide

John E. Banta
CEO & Managing Director
Illinois Ventures, LLC

Michael J. Barber
Chief Technology Officer
GE Healthcare — GE one of the most notorious and disgusting of war profiteers

Joseph B. Barrett
Senior Director Business Development
Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Hardik Bhatt
Chief Information Officer Innovation and Technology (DoIT)
City of Chicago

John L. Blumenshine
Vice President, Facilities
S&C Electric Company

Christopher B. Burke
President & CEO
Christopher Burke Engineering, Ltd.

Dennis DeMoss
Senior V.P.
Sargent & Lundy

Paul Finegan
Divisional V. P. Global Energy Strategy Mgmt.
Abbott Laboratories — War Profiteer

Rajeev Gautam
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Glynn
Director of Engagement, Talent & Aviation
Human Services Division
Caterpillar, Inc.

Arup Gupta
Director, Wireless Solutions
Advanced Technology & Wireless Mobility Group
Intel Corp.

Phil Hanegraaf
Vice President
HNTB Corporation

John Hardin
President & Chief Operating Officer
La-Co Industries, Inc.

Richard S. Hill
Chairman & CEO
Novellus Systems, Inc.

Audrone Karalius
V.P., Environment and Safety
Sara Lee Corporation

Muthiah Kasi
COO & Executive Vice President
Alfred Benesch & Company

Tony Kobrinetz
Vice President, 802.16 Systems
Motorola, Inc.

Norman N. Li
NL Chemical Technology, Inc.

Jyoti Mahurkar – Thombre
Vice President of Soft Switch R&D
Lucent Technologies

John E. Major
Technology Solutions Group

Lee Makowski
Director Biosciences Division
Argonne National Laboratory — Nuclear Laboratory

Jeffrey T. Miller
Senior Research Scientist
BP Chemicals — Oiligarchy

William E. Morrow
Executive Vice President of Operations
Peoples Energy Corporation

Joseph P. Mulvey
Vice President – Life Sciences
Austin AECOM

Glenn Neland

Kenneth E. Nelson
President & COO
Clark Dietz, Inc.

Dianne O’Keefe
District One Regional Engineer
Illinois Department of Transportation

William Paschal
Chief Engineer
Sargent and Lundy Engineers

Paul S. Peercy
Dean, College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lee A. Sheridan
Vice President, Research & Development
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Mark P. Slivinski
Strategy Lead for Vigilant Eagle
Raytheon Missile Systems — 90% of their revenues come from DoD contracts

William D. Unger
Partner Emeritus

Dennis Vaccaro
Senior Technical Advisor
Northrop Grumman Co. — US’s third largest military contractor

Peter L. Wexler
Evoke Networks

Bruce Scott Widmann
Consulting Engineer
Northrop Grumman Corporation — US’s third largest military contractor

David Zavattero
Deputy Director, IT & Planning
Chicago Office of Emergency Mgmt & Communications


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