R. Michael Tanner: Vice Chancellor


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official biography: from uic.edu

R. Michael Tanner, a distinguished administrator and information theory and computer science researcher, joined UIC on July 1, 2002, as provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, the campus’s chief academic and budget officer.

Tanner, who holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University, began administrative service early in his career. Only three years after earning tenure and promotion to associate professor, he was appointed chair of the department of computer and information sciences at the University of California at Santa Cruz, a post he held from 1981 to 1988.

In 1988, he was named acting dean of natural sciences, administering an academic division with eight departments. A year later, Tanner was appointed academic vice chancellor, overseeing the academic components of the campus, including academic planning and new program review.

In 1992, Tanner was promoted to executive vice chancellor, serving as chief operating officer for a campus with 9,500 undergraduates, 1,000 graduate students and more than 400 permanent faculty. His additional responsibilities included fiscal planning, managing a $225 million budget, new construction planning and computer and resource planning and policy.

After five years in this capacity, followed by a one-year research sabbatical and a year as a faculty member, Tanner in August 2000 was named interim director for the UC Silicon Valley Center, responsible for developing a satellite campus for 2,000 students envisioned for the NASA Research Park at the NASA Ames Research Center in the heart of Silicon Valley.

His professional interests include coding and information theory, computer simulation models, educational uses of information technology, and intellectual property. He holds four patents and is a fellow of the California Council on Science and Technology and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.


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