uic DARPA grants

DARPA:  Defense Advanced Research Projects  Agency:   The US government
  agency that  funded research and  experimentation which lead  to the
  Internet network.

(definition from http://www.uic.edu/depts/adn/infwww/txt/v0000102.txt)


ECE faculty get large DARPA grant

Prof. Arye Nehorai and Prof. Danilo Ericolo from the ECE department have just learnt unofficially from DARPA that they have secured a very large grant from DARPA. The award has been approved and public announcement will be made shortly. This is the second large grant that these two faculty have received recently (their earlier one was the MURI grant).

The project title is “Adaptive Waveform Design for Detecting Low-Grazing-Angle and Small-RCS Targets in Complex Maritime Environments.”

Arye is the PI. The co-PI’s are from: UIC (Danilo), ASU, Princeton, Purdue, Raytheon, and U of Melbourne (in collaboration with DSTO of Australia). Phase I will be 15 months, and the optional Phase II for another 21 months.


David Eddington Ph.D. of the Biological Microsystems Lab receives grants from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for “Microfluidic Microbial Sieve” & from DARPA for “Cnidocytes as Microscale Synthesis and Delivery Modules”


winter 2007 newsletter college of engineering reports $2 million in darpa grants, 5.5 million from muri (multi-disciplanary university research initiative grant from the department of defense)

list of 2008 MURI recipients


Biomedical Polymer Science Laboratory receives DARPA grants (amount undisclosed)


tera-scale integration of semiconductor nanocrystals

integrating nanostructures with biological structures

both investigated by stroscio & dutta

prime grant support: aro, nsf, afosr, src, darpa

microoptoelectromechanical systems (moems)

feinerman & megaridis

prime grant support: nasa, darpa


Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA) (Principal Investigator), “PACT: Power Aware Architectural and Compilation Techniques,” $1,202,906, 2000-2003.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA) (Principal Investigator), “A MATLAB Compilation Environment for Adaptive Computing Systems,” $1,855,662, 1998-2001.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA) (Co-Principal Investigator) “Architectures, Compilers, and Configuration Management of Reconfigurable Computing for Mass-Market Computing,” $1,981,349, 1997-2000.


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